Graycen Wheeler

Graycen Wheeler

Water reporter | Report for America corps member

KOSU | Oklahoma City, OK

Buffs Talk Science

Buffs Talk Science

A podcast about science from CU Boulder and beyond hosted by Graycen Wheeler and Alison Gilchrist from 2018 - 2020.

66: Worminizer

The Arecibo telescope, a fishy mystery, a pollinator caper and crabification.

65: Here’s something about Thanksgiving

Seed banks, rats, football and a Thanksgiving NASA disaster.

64: Little lair on a log

Window-like wood, moth-like glass, human compost and baby beetles.

63: Crayfish respecter

Mail-in voting, crabs (whoops, we mean crayfish) and wacky tube men.

62: A toilet build to withstand God

Wild bees, space toilets and scarlet fever.

61: I love my large adult squid

The makings of excellence, a plan to kill fewer birds and squid genes. Kelsie Anson guest hosts.

60: I didn’t know there was murder!

Bee venom, an ornithologist’s cross-country bike trip for birds and Black lives, penguin huddles and quantum physics. Kelsie Anson guest hosts.

59: This is an anti-grasshopper podcast

Bricks, urban heat islands, stink chemistry and parasite conservation.

58: In the passing lane

Locusts, frogs, beetles, literature and Microsoft Excel.

57: Mathemeatical model

Double-meat and Stonehenge.

56: The fowl ward

Racist AI and Victorian sex. Interview with astrophysicist Jimmy Negus.

55: Ancient Roman plastic

Interesting space sounds, millennials, underground cities and chestnut trees.

54: The old eel and the sea

Mysterious eels and the perils of publishing. Interview with author David Parrish.

53: Defund the police

Resources for supporting racial justice, science podcasts by Black podcasters and a study about how ‘proactive’ policing doesn’t curb crime.

52: The Scream can get it

The Scream by Edvard Munch, spheres tied in knots, chins and snakes.

51: Another of the world’s horrors

Corals, mosquitos, constipated lizards and shy eels.

50: The panopticon got me!

A space salvation, a Portuguese plant, a sea surprise and a religious riddle.

49: Not comfortable. Uncomfortable.

Migrating deep sea fish and a magical science toilet.

48: Doin' a poke

Alcoholics anonymous, space lettuce, undertaker bees and vaccine delivery.

47: A running tally of neurotic behaviors

Bee probiotics, Twitter personality tests and cat hangouts.

46: The blurst of times

The danger of Daylight Saving, the 2019 coronavirus, sustainable fashion and YouTube apologies.

45: Heeehhhhh

Fungi, snails, spooky orchids, and a talking mummy.

44: Tell that to my gout

Body temperature, tractors, 23AndMe and frog cell robots.

43: Data storage wars

DNA data storage, calculator monopolies, roadkill and children’s television.

42: Remind me not to get on one of your planes

Glass data storage, nail salon chemicals, self-feeding bacteria and safe airplane seats.

41: I’ll drink any milk

A science fight and picky eating. Interview with information scientist Jess Smith.

40: Still really into skeletons

Starcraft 2, AI handwriting, early career failure and nonradioactive metals.

39: Nano abomination

The Blob, bird song inception, and rats on wheels. Interview with chemist Kristina Vrouwenvelder.

38: I’m a ‘bleed me dry slowly’ person

Soil microbes, earthquakes, face masks and pollution. Interview with molecular biologist Giancarlo Bruni.

37: Zinc-fortified bacon

Information transfer, bacteria-cow hybrids and the effects of mouthwash on our blood pressure. Interview with biochemist Kelsie Anson.

36: I wish I was a banana scientist

Bananas, the genes that influence sexual experiences and bee brains. Interview with biochemist Tom Rivas.

35: No one is anti-telescope

Ancient bread, large telescopes and an infuriating paper on endometriosis. Interview with chemical engineer Max Levy.

34: For the greater bad

Cat allergies, chem trails and polluted lakes. Interview with biochemist Jeff Cameron.

33: Wow, special beings

Toxoplasma in mice, ticks in the United States, and energy drinks in teens. Interview with climate scientists Daniel Palken and Joep van Dijk.

32: I’ve never met a young person

Space mold, big algae, devilish millennials and bugs. Interview with vaccine advocate Lindsay Diamond

31: This has nothing to do with hats

Vampire birds, the persistence of Dr. Sarah Stewart, comedic computers and raccoon dogs. Interview with science policy experts Molly Dillon, Noemie Levy and Elle Celeste. Max Levy guest hosts.

30: The Marinara Trench

Plastic, aliens and stressed out dogs. Interview with molecular biologist Atma Ivancevic.

29: Sorry, Madagascar

Birds, fake!Bacteria, bones and snakes. Interview with science policy advocate Charli Fant.

28: Classic, standard wolves

Pokémon, Beowolf, regular wolves and bees. Interview with science writer Ed Yong(!).

27: Chunky bubbles

Twins, billboards, trash and quakes — but TWIST: they’re all in space! Interview with space suit engineer Abhi Boppana.

26: A cat called Ugh

Cats who know their names, mosquitos who don’t like Skrillex and fungi that don’t respond to drugs. Interview with author Beth Gardiner.

25: The mermaids are still safe

Refrigeration, natural painkillers and the frog-pocalypse. Interview with mechanical engineer Kaitlin McCreery.

24: Stuff inside other stuff: A Buffs Talk Science game show

Graycen hosts a rousing game of two science facts and a science lie.

23: Everybody’s special in their bones

Tampons, Alzheimer’s and parchment. Interview with molecular biologist Justin Brumbaugh.

22: French kissing a butterfly

Mosquitos on diets, blood on shrouds and germs on tissues. Interview with spider biologist Dr. Paula Cushing,

21: Dropping baguette

Poaching, the pill and particle physics. It’s P soup! Interview with systems biologist Arjun Raj.

20: Tooth tartare

Cricket terrorists, magnets (how do they work?), blue teeth and weird injections. Interview with scientists and podcasters Jorge Nicolas Hernandez Charpak and Andrea Marton Menendez.

19: He didn’t even take the picture!

Space babies, fire ants, cheating robots, and James Watson (sigh).

18: Kind of gross in the face

Cute aggression, eavesdropping viruses and plants on wheels. Interview with climate scientist Ryan Harp.

17: Something something temperature regulation

CRISPR babies and the evolution of birth canals. Interview with computational biologist Orit Peleg.

16: I went to South America and all I got was this dumb sweet potato

Turkey snoods, child-eating birds, sweet potatoes and more. Amanda Grennell is a bonus host.

15: Doing a little murderoo

Flu-fighting llamas and a stem cell scandal. Interview with materials chemist James Utterback.

14: 10% brain, 90% kidney

Space, skeletons, unconventional reproduction and love. Interview with cosmobiologist Graham Lau.

Bonus: Tits galore

Bold birds falling fast.

13: What is a being without a butt?

Dark personalities, jellyfish and long, boring talks. Interview with ecologist Pacifica Sommers.

12: This might sound kind of evil

Cannibalism, bones, mosquitos and more bones. Plus, a science game show.

11: Peak existential dread

Corners, Fitbit data and sperm. Interview with chemist Jenny Berry.

10: Any type of stabber, really

Glamorous spiders, ‘shroom microdosing, concrete batteries and blood. Interview with science radio stars Joe Palca and Maddie Sofia.

Bonus: A friendship formed on mutual embarrassment

Bug vomit and gendered medical treatment.

9: Keep doing your wild fox things

Roman roads and fancy foxes. Interview with beekeepers Zac Holmes and Jeff Stehlin.

8: No self-reported shrieking

Leeches, sharks, imposter marijuana and a geological controversy. Interview with neuroscientist and molecular biologist Zoe Donaldson.

7: An accidental bug theme

Spiders, butterflies, kissing bugs and the powerhouse of the cell. Interview with chemical enginees Tom Aunins and biochemist Dilara Batan.

6: I love me some rocks

Tasmanian tigers and sewer robots. Interview with hydrologist Grace Guryan.

5: Zero waggles, zero steps

The marshmallow test, fairy circles, music and smart bees. Interview with chemical engineer Max Levy.

4: What’s your opinion on free will?

Cow farts and free will. Interview with biblical scholar Sam Boyd.

Bonus: Um

Why we say ‘um’ before certain words.

3: Have you guys heard of Stanford?

Deadly hippo poop, a soap-operatic biotechnology start-up and a Wikipedia citation analysis. Interview with mathematician Izzy Aguiar.

Bonus: The Golden State Killer and personal genomics

The triumphs and failings of personal genomics.

2: The future is moles

A new blue dye, the Gaia space probe’s data dump and weird moles. Interview with biochemist and moviegoer Kelsie Anson.

1: The first pancake

Plastic-eating bacteria, ocean currents, Ryan Zinke and ostracod penises. Interview with chemist Zach Decker and chemical engineer Max Levy.